Will Tyrone Continue To Improve Just Like Trade In The North? 31/08/2018

With it being the All–Ireland Gaelic Football Final Weekend again, the fight for Sam Maguire returns. Current champions Dublin will take on Tyrone and it is sure to be an entertaining and hopefully a highly competitive game. We decided to ask our very own Tyrone representative Alice McNally her views on the game and also how Growcap’s trade finance product can support businesses in the North of Ireland.

Alice noted “Dublin are certainly the favourites but I think that will play in Tyrone’s favour and they will definitely ask questions of this great Dublin team. Tyrone a bit like the economy in the North of Ireland has remained a little under the radar. However, there are also significant business opportunities in the North of Ireland. In 2017 over £8.5 billion worth of goods were imported, a year on year increase of 9%, and £7.4 billion worth of goods were exported, a year on year increase of 8%. That is an awful lot of trade that requires to be financed.”

We at Growcap Finance wanted to make SME’s in the North of Ireland aware that we can support your business through our trade finance solution at competitive rates. We can facilitate customers by offering both euro and sterling for any purchases between 50K to 1M plus.

Now is also the time to start thinking of other financing options post Brexit and the impact that this could have on your business. The potential requirement to hold stock for longer means businesses need to think how they will fund this without it eating into their working capital. If you are already sourcing from outside the EU and require to pay VAT at the point of entry, Growcap can fund it. At present we can fund the purchase price of the sourced product, the logistics, duty and VAT. Our solution also ensures that all products meet the standard your business requires before any product is paid for. We can finance a whole range of products which in return will benefit you, so why not check out our website or contact us on +44 1245 904 066/+353 1 563 4130.