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What is a Letter Of Credit and Why Use It? 25/06/2018

A Letter Of Credit (LC) is an irrevocable undertaking from the Bank issuing it to pay the Beneficiary (normally a supplier/exporter) against a presentation by them of specified documents. An LC is issued on behalf of the buyer/importer – called the Applicant. In simple terms it is a performance guarantee. […]

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Carstairs Annual Dinner 20/12/2017

Carstairs is run by our very own John Landers which brings a mixture of the good, the bad and the ugly from the financing and brokering world. It’s a must in the diary as John organises some of the best comedians on the circuit. Its always great to catch up […]

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Import Asset Finance 21/09/2017

Growcap Finance attended the Ploughing Championships this year, amid the thronged masses. We received great interest from machinery dealers for our import asset finance product. Growcap covers the purchase cost for the 30 – 120 days it takes to import that large piece of machinery that the client requires.

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Chinese SME’s seek alternative sources of funding 22/06/2017

Great to get home to China to meet the family, two weeks of home cooking. Discussing with a lot of businesses I found that the exporters in the Chinese SME sector are seeking a way for funding from non-traditional banking organizations. This is in order to cover the short-term accounts […]

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